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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!... with rising stress in the modern world, a good night's sleep is nearly extinct. however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing sleep sanctuaries to save our sleep. big changes are coming to bay area toll bridges. a vote signals the end of cash lands with toll takers being replaced by the electronic fast track systems. >> it makes sense all the other bridges go that way. >> the golden gate bridge made its switch six years ago. now other toll bridges are preparing to eliminate cash payments. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. it won't happen overnight, but
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it is the future. tonight the metropolitan transportation commission voted unanimously to make all electronic tolls a reality. the hope is to speed up the flow of traffic and to save money on operations at the seven state-run bridges in the bay area. here they are. the richmond san jose bridge. live coverage from ktvu's azenith smith at the toll plaza tonight with a look at what's coming down the road. azenith? >> the toll takers and the government agency tells me 200 of them will be affected when the cash signs will go away and the toll booths will be eliminated. traffic at bay area toll bridges could soon be smoother as drivers, they will no longer have the option to start and pay cash. >> i never thought it was equitable. but i also drive a lot in
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traffic. >> reporter: wednesday the metropolitan transportation commission gave a green light on the $4 million contract for an all-electronic tolling system, which means drivers must pay with fast track only. those with fast track, cameras will capture your license plate and you'll get a bill in the mail. it will save drivers time and the agency money. >> you can zip through at highway speeds. you don't have to slow down to squeeze through the toll booth. the toll booths will be removed. >> reporter: the state will affect those in the bay area. already making the switch going cashless back in 2013. >> it has been great. before we used to move 500 vehicles per lane per hour. now we move 1,500. >> reporter: some drivers were in favor. i'm totally for it. 100% for it. they're photographing your license plate constantly few way. >> reporter: others wanted to steer clear. >> everything is being automated. the way you save money is on
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the relief of new people, so it is peoples jobs. >> reporter: caltrans says roughly 200 will be affected. >> over the years technology has fazed in. >> the channel 2news, can i ask you a question? >> reporter: this toll worker shrugged her shoulders when we asked her how she felt. what are you going to do? >> i don't worry about that. >> reporter: issuing this statement saying we are aware this is the direction caltrans has been looking to move. they will have the ability to negotiate directly with their employer to mitigate the impacted any planned changes. and so its future savings, does it mean toll fare wills be lowered? not quite. >> the savings is significant. it is really just a small drop in the bucket in terms of the overall tolling enterprise.
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>> reporter: and the commission anticipates it will take up to five years for the system to go in to effect. the bridge is likely the first, a good test bed. the bay bridge here likely the last since it's the busiest. i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2news. now to a lawsuit against san francisco base lyft. 14 women who said they were raped or assaulted by their lyft driver filed a lawsuit against the rideshare company. one of the women is from the los angeles area. she said back in 2018 her driver locked the doors of his car, drove her around for five hours, then had raped her. she reported the crime to police, but said he he claimed the sex was consensual. >> and it would have shown my driver grabbing my phone away from me and climbing into the backseat.
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and in my case i was held hostage for five hours and lyft did not even know what my life was in danger. >> the women want lyft to take measures, putting cameras in cars, and create a panic button on their app. the woman at the center of the sanford case has broken her silence. known as emily doe. but now as ktvu yes, sir sugary reports, stepping into the spotlight with her name, face, and voice. >> and the newspapers, my name was unconscious, intoxicated woman. >> reporter: the words have become familiar. the face and voice behind them now seen and heard for the first time. chanel miller, that became a similar point in ##metoo movement. coming forward in an interview with 60 minutes to reportedly reclaim her voice.
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>> i think that is a problem that many sexual assault victims will have that the act of sexual assault itself paying some of the victims. >> and turner with the swimmer accused and convicted the following years of three counts of sexual assault. judge aaron persky was sentenced six months to jail leading to the judge's recall. >> your honor if it is all right for the majority of this statement i would like to address the defendant directly. >> reporter: and now for the broadcast interview, saturated the internet. it usher in the #metoo movement. >> she provided leadership already without identifying herself. but when people come forward and put their name to an issue, they are essentially exercising personal leadership. she's saying she's willing to be identified with this part of
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her history, and perhaps obviously has an interest in telling it from her point of view. >> miller graduated from uc santa barbara and now lives in san francisco. she's not only telling her truth on tv, but also in a book entitled know my name. michelle darber says it helps support the movement. >> any people will read the book. and it is important to remember that her case is not unique. >> miller going public could provide help, healing, and empowerment for other victims who know both her name and her face. in san jose jesse gary, ktvu fox 2news. and now to hurricane dorian and the catastrophic damage in the bahamas. crews from the u.s. have joined the search for stranded and injured people. the storm left some islands in
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ruins or under water. the u.n. estimates as many as 70,000 people need help. the death toll went up to 20, but officials expect that number to go much higher. >> it is now a category 2 hurricane. millions of the people in the carolinas are under order to evacuate. >> bill martin live with the latest on the track. >> yes, with this storm we talked about it staying offshore with a lot of water issues already. the potential for historic flooding as we get into the charleston area here in the next 24, 36 hours. actually this next 36 hours is make or break time. back to a category warnings are down along the carolinas. some forecast up to a foot of rain with a storm surge that will go up to four to seven
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feet in places, certain so you see it's a category 2 and then moves out as we get into thursday night and friday morning. but the story really is going to be the storm surge, which will be up to about four to seven feet. we'll be tracking it for you. with that storm surge it will cause a lot of problems especially in the low lying areas. that's the story still offshore. very strong storms. the historic flooding is possible in the carolinas. we'll see you back here with the rest of what we could expect with dorian. and fema says they have crews ready for whatever they deliver next as they move up the coast. while people in the carolinas are bracing for the storms, floridians are feeling fortunate. >> people here in florida that the worst of the storm has passed up. but in the carolinas, we outage continues its way up the coast. >> the time to get out is
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running out because once they , 45 miles an hour, emergency crews, they will not be able to come in and get you. >> reporter: officials in the carolinas are urging you to use dorian's slow crawls to evacuate now. the storm continues to creep up the coast, but cannot say if dorian will make landfall. it has many people in the united states readying themselves for all possibilities. locals are either getting out of town completely or staying in one of the many had shelters. >> and it was best to get out. i mean you hope for the best and prepare for the worst. i'm prepared for the worst. >> reporter: dorian's powerful winds have whipped up huge storm surges and dangerously strong currents. here in florida a woman had to be rescued when she was pulled into the water. conditions are expected to remain treacherous from the sunshine state up through georgia into the carolinas.
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dorian's slow pace means coastal areas could go through several high-tide cycles with the risk of flash flooding through friday. even the coast guard is making adjustments by moving operations inland. the storm is affecting so much of the east coast. almost 10,000 national guard troops are being activated in four states. atlantic beach, florida, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> and a team from travis air force base in sacramento is headed to florida tonight. they will be assessing airports, airfields in both the bahamas and on the atlantic coast to make sure they could handle relief flights. and from the 16th medical group also headed out. they will be used in case they need to be evacuated. a better seasons of how much destruction was left behind in the bahamas. from above you can see house after house in ruins. thousands of homes in the northwest part of the island are damaged or destroyed. hurricane dorian pounded the northern bahamas for more than
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24 hours as a category 5 storm with winds up to 200 miles an hour. now that the storm is cleared, search and rescue efforts are being launched. which is a part of the united states state department actually has jurisdiction over disasters and other countries, so they are deploying the fee pa resources in terms of urban search and rescue teams out of los angeles, so they're moving resources. >> the u.s. coast guard is helping to air lift people left homeless. officials say as many the baham need of shelter, food, water. uncovering another security problem in the peralta community college district. at 10:30 why investigators are unable to use many of the campus surveillance cameras to help solve crimes. but first the latest on the deadly dive boat fire. more bay area victims are identified as federal investigators interview the only survivors.
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and a big first for porsche as the story's company unveiled its first fully electric car. how many a 750 horsepower version will set you back.
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a man hunt is underway tonight looking for a gunman
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who opened fire on deputies and left that sergeant wounded. authorities say 51-year-old guadalupe herrera ambushed deputies around 3:30 this afternoon. it happened as they were following up on a domestic violence case about 30 miles south of merced. sheriff deputies say when they arrived and they got out of their vehicles, the suspect began shooting at them from the busheses. and the deputies returned fire, but he was able to get away. the sergeant who was shot was not badly injured and should recover. authorities say the suspect was last seen iving a white colored gmc truck with a california license plate. now to the deadly boat fire in the channel islands. today some of the survivors of that fire were interviewed by federal investigators. >> the remains of all, but one of the victims have been recovered from that scuba diving boat on the ocean floor. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us now with tonight's update. >> reporter: julie and frank, we've learned more about some of the bay area victims in this had case. in the meantime the ntsb's
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investigation held a meeting tonight just to check progress. the spokeswoman says tay have made a lot of progress and how they held extensive interviews with both the diving boat's captain and the owner. the burned diving boat conception remains at the bottom of the ocean as ntsb investigators announced the remains of 33 victims had been recovered wednesday. just one still to be brought to shore. >> i met with the families of the loved ones that were lost in this had incident for two hours today. it was important that we provided them with the information that they need had, that they get an opportunity to ask all the questions that they needed to ask. >> reporter: the ntsb says they are interviewing the five crew members who survived the devastating fire that trapped 34 sleeping divers below deck. the captain of a nearby boat that rescued the five survivors
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spoke about that had night. >> they told my wife that they had several birthday celebrations on board. one of them happened to have been a 17-year-old young lady and her parents, they were on board. we didn't hear anything other than no screaming or anything like that. there was no yelling. all you could hear was the fire itself. >> reporter: among those lost were employees from apple, dan garcia and steve salika who had been on board with his wife, diana and their daughter tia, the one celebrating her 17th birthday. her friends 16-year-old bernie felipe had come along and also killed in the fire. a family friend margot payton pictured here with diana on the right said she had known the family since tia was 6 years old. >> they were just a wonderful giving, kind, generous family that just enjoyed traveling. i'm sure they were really looking to celebrate her 17th birthday, and i'm sure knowing tia that there was nothing else
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she wanted to do, but go scuba diving because that's what she really loved. >> reporter: apple released this statement saying, "steve was a 30-year-old apple veteran whose energy and enthusiasm touched so many people across our company throughout his career." he met his had wife at apple and was on board with her and their daughter. dan was as passionate about his job at apple as he was with diving. and another victim, lisa fielder loved photography and also worked as a hair stylist in mill valley. and san francisco based company brilliant is also grieving for two employees lost in the fire. kerry mclaughlin and christian packthum pictured here on their website. kerry and christian were incredibly friends and colleagues when brought immense passion, talent, leadership, and warmth and they will be missed dearly. the ntsb says before they raise the sunken boat, they are
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taking images of it inverted on the ocean's floor. the ntsb says investigators will review coast guard recordings, training licensing, and the boat's inspection history. it could take ten days before they issue any preliminary findings about the cause. reporting live, jana katsuyama, fox 2news. new video now of the fire tonight at an apartment complex in pleasant hill that forced three people out of their homes. the fire was reported about 7:15 on gregory lane near contra costa contra costa boulevard. there was also water damage to some of the units below. all in all damage is estimated at about $100,000. the ntsb is blaming tesla and a driver who was not paying attention for a crash involving a model s and a fire truck last year. it happened on a freeway in southern california. the ntsb determined tesla driver lied too much on the autonomous driving system.
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but the report was also critical of the auto pilot system that allowed that driver to disengage from driving. no one was hurt in had that crash, but three drivers have died in similar crashes since 2016. porsche has unveiled its first electric car. versions of the four-door car were unveiled today with up to 750 horsepower. it can go zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds and will be able to go more than 250 miles with a full charge. the price of the turbo mold of the porschround $150,000. the company says it will offer models at a later date that are not as fast or powerful and carry a lower price tag. games by tech companies led to a rally on wall street today from their losses yesterday. up 237 and nasdaq up 102 hundreds of millions of phone numbers linked to
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facebook have been discovered online. the exposed server contains more than 419 million phone numbers belonging to facebook users around the world. the server was not password protected, and while phone numbers may not present a risk, this is another example of showing facebook mishandling data. how many people don't work and would be useless in solving a crime. but first a food fight at walnut creek. the revised plan for amy's drive-thru restaurant and why neighbors of the site say they aren't impressed.
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well, you might call showdo creek. neighbors are sounding off about plans for amy's drive- thru. they say it will put their safety at risk. the vegetarian fast food chain wants to put a restaurant in downtown walnut creek at second avenue and north mend. new at 10:00 allison rodriguez
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live with the pushback and also this isn't the first time neighbors have fought the development. >> reporter: frank, they have gone head to head before. tonight a meeting where both sides had their voices heard. as a matter of fact that meeting is still going on here at city hall behind me. and now these two sides on one hand you have the business of the developers rather and they wanted to know two businesses on the corner and on the other side the resident who is say that corner is already just too busy. >> i don't want it in the backyard. >> reporter: residents say they don't want just amy's, but any drive-thru near their home. they say this area off of second avenue and main is already a traffic nightmare and amy's would make it worse. >> and these streets are private lanes, cul-de-sacs, dead ends. so this is the only controlled intersection that people who live here could use to come in
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and out of. and some neighbors, they banded together to form the lucky park neighbors united in an effort to squash any drive-had thru plan. it's a strong opposition that would surprise those, hoping to open their third location. >> we thought overwhelmingly a lot of support from walnut creek and certainly a few neighbors who would have real concerns and we are doing our best to listen to them and to address those concerns. >> and tonight changes to the proposed side were easing concerns, doing very little to sway the opinions. and the lucky park neighbors, they fought this developer before two years ago. the group drew plans for an in and out drive thru in that same spot. >> there is a ton of support and there is a ton of support in this neighborhood to say no drive-thru here. now this meeting started at 7:00 tonight and so they are
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going well into three and a half hours now. the next stop for the approval with this plan will go through the commission planning. and all at end of 2020. reporting live, allison rodriguez, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead a new look for one of san francisco's landmark buildings. the change that is coming to the 120-year-old ferry building. a's threw a rookie into the race tonight and came through with a home run and his big league debut. mark will highlights later in sports. new security concerns on community college campuses. why many surveillance cameras simply don't work. and it does scare me because, you know, you could be walking up the alley way and, you know, something terrible could happen and then there's no evidence, you know.
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2 investigates has uncovered more security problems at the east bay's community colleges. >> yeah, we found surveillance cameras at the four campuses that are broken, blocked, or blurried. we reported dozens of cameras that are essentially useful. >> it is easy to see that these signs that cameras are broken, and they have been that way for
10:31 pm
quite a while. >> and it does scare me because, you know, you could be walking up the alley way and, you know, something terrible could happen and then there's no evidence, you know. >> reporter: for anyone at laney college in oakland, it's no secret. cameras on campus aren't keeping watch. >> we have a camera right outside. i witness things happening right outside. i call the sheriff deputies and the technicians, see nothing, but leaves. the camera was positioned, so we would have to choose between either the camera or the trees. we shouldn't have to make that choice. >> reporter: and alum and 13- year-old employee cassandra upshaw is frustrated knowing what she sees could often be missed by deputies. >> and it is everything that could happen in an urban environment that happens here. >> do you feel campus is preparedfoabsolutely not. >> reporter: 2 investigates examined crime data finding calls for everything from car break ins and robberies to violent crimes like assault. >> how are you doing? >> good. >> and despite alameda county sheriff deputies out every day patrolling campus, they can't
10:32 pm
this extensive camera system at the peralta police station monitors 300 plus spots across the four east bay campuses, but we noticed something. and what do these red x's mean here in >> some of the red x's, it depends. some of them, they go in a buffering mode because there's something going on in the connection and then some are down in general. but like i said, it could be a connectivity issue and an actual problem with the camera. >> for safety reasons he wouldn't say how many are down. >> and is that frustrating to you? >> it is because the camera system, like i said before, is a layer of security, so it would be great to have all of the markings. >> reporter: the financial records would show had the board overuse tees improve more than $50,000 in march and covered outstanding bills for repairs, upgrades. but it wasn't enough to fix every camera.
10:33 pm
the contract has since expired. but the district spokesperson said right now the number of malfunctioning cameras, they are not enough to be concerned about. >> and i know my boss, he got his car broken into around three, four times. parks right in front of the welcome center where we work. >> reporter: crimes on campus are not uncommon especially with cameras not working. just in the parking lot there have been car break-ins and threats. limited amount of cameras or inoperable cameras made solving the crimes nearly impossible. 2 investigates looked at 20 random police reports and found nearly a dozen couldn't be solved because cameras, they weren't working. instead students, staff, neighbors pay the price for smashed windows, stolen stereos, or other personal items. >> what do you say to those people? >> i feel bad that anybody is a victim of any crime. >> when you have police reports that say you couldn't solve the crime because a camera wasn't
10:34 pm
present, what goes through your mind? >> that part gets frustrating. i mean who doesn't want their crimes to be solved? >> for now deputies rely on their own eyes and ears to spot suspicious activity. >> and the best layer is the boots on the ground, okay. having my officers on the campuses, walking around. the camera could only do so much. it is very important that we're out there walking around, deterring anything from happening in the first place. >> there's no indication on when or if those broken cameras will be fixed. there was a meeting on wednesday to discuss a new contract with a company that made repairs through the cameras in the past and even talk of replacing the entire system. of course, the money spent, it will have to get board approval. ktvu fox 2news. >> if you have a tip to share
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with 2 investigates, call or e- mail ktvu 2 investigates at a new development in the ghost ship warehouse trial. sending their first note to the judge today, asking for freeland to be read back. he visited the warehouse after the arson outside the building. just two years before the fire that killed 36 people. he was very concerned about all the materials packed inside and never got a response to when he asked his colleagues in the fire department to investigate. >> and we will view it. very welcomely. there is nothing that will indicate they are still in the midst of significant deliberations. >> it has been more than a month since the case was handed over to the jury to begin deliberations on july 31. but after a shake up for the
10:36 pm
jury misconduct, three alternates were seated and deliberations had to restart two weeks ago. the san francisco ferry building will get a makeover. the historic waterfront landmark will undergo a renovation project, all damaged by the weather. also getting a new paint job that will restore the 120-year- old building to its origin fall color of gray. the owners say no public money is being used for the renovation. the work will be done over the course of two years to ensewer that ferry services and retail shops aren't disrupted. coming up chaos in british parliament. another big defeat for boris johnson after calls to a national election before breakfast. and a cool down coming our way as we head towards the weekend. details on what you can expect the next couple of days. but first we'll update you on the wilefire broke out this afternoon. and it has already spread across almost 1,000 acres. we live with at&t
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stop living with at&t. xfinity delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone.
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cal-fire says it is still growing at a dangerous rate in
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heavy brush. nearly 300 firefighters are battling the fire. so far it's only 5% contained. four firefighters from san diego were hurt this morning when their fire engine crashed and overturned. the engine was headed back to southern california after helping with the wildfire. when they crashed south of portersville. the driver lost control, causing the engine to flip several times before landing on its roof. authorities, they say the driver suffered major injuries. the other three firefighters are okay. reports of the armed gunman sparked a large police response this afternoon. it happened near the city line as they saw a man waving the gun inside the complex. officers from both oakland and berkeley, they set up the
10:41 pm
perimeter around the building and detained two people. they told us she is familiar with one of the suspects. >> and with all of them around here and different people in the block, you know? >> police say officers, they searched the complex and found the rifle inside, no one hurt. more turmoil over brexit. they had called for a national election on october 15. he says it's the only way out of their brexit impasse after opposition lawmakers blocked his plans next month without a trade agreement in place and shot down again today as parliament voted to block the election. johnson says he will try again to make that vote happen. the prime minister is insisting they leave the eu on october 31 with or without the deal. has
10:42 pm
the withdraw of the controversial extradition bill that would spark months of protests. the bill would have allowed people in hong kong to be sent to china for trial. withdrawing the bill is one of five demands by leaders of the movement, but they said the government, they will not accept the other demands. coming up, the unique camping experience for the children in the south bay. >> we're here today because we want to show you that you matter to us. >> how the trip to the mountains with the police officers are helping everyone broadening their horizon. and our chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with his complete bay area forecast. they'll show us how the weekend is shaping up in a moment. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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the controversial bill with the medical exemption for evacuation of the school children now sit on governor newsome's desk, empowering the state health officials to investigate doctors who will grant more than five medical exemptions a year. the state would be allowed to investigate the schools with the vaccination rates less than 95%. and the goal is to little the spread of preventable diseases such as measles. governor newsome wants some changes before he signs that bill include making it clear
10:46 pm
and then enforcement, they would start next year. and it is now illegal to trap animals in california for recreation or for selling the animals fur. governor newsome signed that bill into law today and the author says they make california the first state to ban fur trapping, but it is still legal to trap animals for other reasons like pest control. state lawmakers, working on legislation to ban the sale of fur products in california. and san jose police, they have launched a new program that's designed to give kids living in a high crime neighborhood a whole new experience. >> as ktvu ann rubin shows us they are kicking it off in the santa cruz mountains. >> thank you. >> a day of first. most kids here at the elementary, they have never been on the overnight camping trip and most of the san jose police officers, they have never led one. but today they would head it up together for the santa cruz mountains. >> when i first came here, i was like what? and like oh my gosh.
10:47 pm
like really emotional. >> reporter: a much different view than what they get at home. >> on our way here, there are several kids that would say i have never seen the mown had tans before. >> reporter: police would refer to their neighborhood as a crime hot spot. something that chief eddie garcia is determined to change. designed to give more attention and more resources and help for this one play. >> we're here because we want to show you that you matter to us. >> the highlight complete with games and that they are suppose to be year round with backpack giveaways, ice cream trucks, tting them in place r schools. indefinitely, resources to expand it to the other schools yet. >> well, you can see the big start to them. >> tonight the officers and the
10:48 pm
fourth and fifth graders will be sweeping under the stars at the campgrounds, making memories, building relationships. they say it is an experience that none of them will soon forget. >> for them to see officers in this and in this life, this is public safety and proactive public safety. >> and i will see them in the streets, just falling with the people and how you get to look at them in this personal way. and i like it. >> about 25 officers, they are up here for the inaugural camping trip. and they hope this will be the first year of many. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2news. we've got some thunderstorms out there as you saw it today with some cool cumulus clouds.
10:49 pm
and lit up the northeastern part of the show and may continue to do so with some lightning strikes, redding area, up into the cobb mountain area. north of clearlake, but you're seeing some pretty significant tuned hadder and lightning that should be dying down here. but missed us for the most part and our fog to contend with, which will be keeping temperatures tomorrow, pretty similar to what we had today in the upper 80s, the low 90s. the cooling trend will continue for the five-day forecast. and the sea breeze is in green and not right on the ground, but it's up there, kind of pushing into the bay, pretty significantly. now this had in francisco certainly and sausalito and oakland, the low clouds with a little bit of everything. you may see some tropical moistures as well and then in the afternoon the clouds and sun at noontime. that'll hold true in the late afternoon, partly sunny, late
10:50 pm
in the day, for the first part of the day that should be a nice day and very similar to what we would have today, less frankly and next for the temperatures to trend down as they would notice the cool down on friday. tomorrow they will cool down on friday, saturday, sunday in the five day significantly cooler. which is kind of fun and a nice week. it won't be as warm as you would like in the inland valleys. i would call it the pattern, as it will be where it should be. and now it will be a nice looking pattern with the 70s around the bay. air quality, they are not half bad. the spare the air day and they are always bad, but this time of the year is not had extreme. and here are the numbers we were talking about friday, saturday, sunday. now look at sunday, hot spots
10:51 pm
in the low 80s. and so significantly cooler for the bay area weekend. we'll see you back here at 11:00. coming up in sports, a's look to get the angels at the coliseum and how they are making their major league debut. that's next. and then on the 11:00 news, a bittersweet opening night at the san francisco symphony. the farewell season.
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there are now 22 games over .500 and good for them. they get to play. have you noticed the los angeles angels, just a model year end and year out. but the a's, they would take it on the japanese heritage night for one evening. great sight with sushi and chop sticks. the a's, they do not disappear. second inning, pro far will number 19 for him. here it is debut of catcher sean murphy, big league at bats. that's what i love and those
10:55 pm
mom and dads in the stands, with the team and their first big league homer. many trying to steal the show with the quick risk, happening here, the 26th home run. on the mound for the a's, a great night. and five hits, no runs, then as slick for matt chapman at third and just another example of why he's a gold glove winner at thebe. 4-0 final as the a's, they are high for the second wild card spot. and so it will be tight down to the finish. the giants, pretty much out of it for the time of the season. always fun to see for what they are with a very entertaining game. standing-room only in st. louis for those guys, off the bat who
10:56 pm
has 19. now remember how late he would get called up? 1-0 and they will figure that out, it might be good. and it will be brandon crawford, the three-run shot, his 11th of the year as they would lead 7-4, but i told you he gave up six runs, five innings, against the bullpen, in for that and it does not matter if they will be facing the giants. and the two-run double. until the 8th when again, they will take that ride and the two- run shot with a 440-shot. his 21st. four hits by the way and the 9- 8 final. will smith his 31st save. you have to believe they are sick and tired no matter what they might show you publicly. different day, same drill, in
10:57 pm
the news for all the wrong reasons, and again. the latest, installment, concerns, and informing him that he will been fined $54,000 for missing several practices etc. during preseason. brown responded with what i could call an unintelligible most on social media and the quarterback as always doesn't seem to mind. >> he definitely raises everybody's hand and raises my game. he makes me a better player and to push and strive, to be on the different level, he does that for everybody. kind of a veteran move and you're of playing the pre-
10:58 pm
you hold out and you want a better contract with the dallas cowboys. , catching him out there. and now the number one highest paid running back, at least for now. >> don't come back without a deal and that support like that and the group of guys, everything. it was. it will be the best. >> there you go the highest paid for another 45 minutes or so. in the meantime let us see that
10:59 pm
and check this out. this catch with the bases loaded, the save the game. they would like to miss that ball and now look at this. they will need to stall it and it will not work and that is the most important thing. if they just throw to first with that easy out. he doesn't come up near the three-run homer. making all the difference. >> coming up next here at 11:00. >> he's had such an incredible career in history with the symphony. >> it is opening night at the san francisco symphony. and prepares to retire.
11:00 pm
hello everyone, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the music director is saying good-bye at the age of 74. new at 11:00, live from tonight's opening gala at the symphony hall. paul? >> frank, julie, i'm missing a great party to come to talk to you guys as you id this is the last opening night, >> and he's had such an incredible career in history with with the symphony and i think i wish him all the very best, i'm be a part of his first time. >> it was a who's who, all here to celebrate his 25


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